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A 105-day transformative experience designed for cultivating unconditional self-love. It takes an average of 66 days to form a habit, and this journal sets you up for success. With therapist-guided prompts, affirmations, coloring pages, and more, this journal helps you uncover the hidden treasures of self-love. 

My Self-Love Journal

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    This therapist-guided self-love journal designed for women of all ages and backgrounds was created to celebrate the essence of you!


    Uncover the beauty of self-discovery as you delve into the realms of loving your mind, body, and soul while embracing the concept of self-love through various activities, prompts, and exercises aimed at boosting self-esteem, combating negative self-talk, and strengthening your spirituality.  

    This journal is complemented by free writing and drawing pages to encourage deeper introspection and reflection.

    Key Journal Takeaways

    • Loving Your Mind: Delve into carefully curated prompts designed to help you catch, check, and change faulty thinking.

    • Loving Your Body: Discover the art of accepting your body as it is in the present moment and saying yes to your limitations.

    • Loving Your Soul: Cultivate a nurturing environment for your inner self with positivity and embrace a profound connection with your spirituality.



    200 pages

    105 Therapist-guided prompts

    Self-love Affirmations

    Uniquely created coloring pages

    Healing Therapy Interventions

    Free writing and drawing

    My Self-Love Journal

    Gift yourself or the remarkable women in your life with the opportunity to prioritize self-discovery and embrace their awesomeness.


    This book is a thoughtful and empowering journey into self-love, encouraging every woman to put herself first and recognize the incredible person she is.